Why Choose Us

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Mission Statement
At the Pediatric and Adult Rehabilitation Center (PARC), it is our mission to provide a comprehensive continuum of specialized therapy services based on the individual needs of our clients. Based on our collaborative model, our therapists are trained to work together as a cohesive team with our clients, to assess individual therapeutic needs. We will develop distinctive treatment plans based on empirical research and best practice.  It is our goal to provide our clients with a safe and productive therapeutic environment with the ongoing support of highly trained licensed therapists and paraprofessionals.

Assistive Technology Center (ATC)

Occupational therapy

Speech-Language Pathology

The Center for Feeding

Therapy Groups

Behavioral Services

Purpose of Therapy

PARC’s Adult Program is committed to addressing the needs of adults with difficulties in the areas of mobility, functionality, cognition, and communication. It is our goal to target the individual needs/goals of clients who present with health related issues that have disrupted their ability to complete daily responsibilities.

The purpose of our Pediatric Program is to address the unique therapeutic needs of children and adolescents ages 0-18 resulting from premature birth, chronic illness, medical conditions, surgery, physical and developmental delays or disorders. We seek to reduce the impact of these conditions on the child’s ability to function at an age appropriate level across all daily activities including, learning, playing, social interactions, and “just being a kid”.

Service Delivery Model

To best serve our clients, we offer two service delivery models:


Individual Treatment
One to one treatment with a designated therapist to address specific needs as related to a client’s diagnosis and clinical presentation.  The therapist and client work together to develop a number of compensatory and/or remediation strategies for increased success in the areas of speech/language, physical mobility, and activities of daily living

Group Treatment
Group treatment provides an opportunity for clients to experience the support and feedback of both their peers and our skilled clinical staff.  In this learning environment, clients are given a number of strategies and activities to address specific treatment goals for increased success with use of recommended strategies in the community.

Based on the individual needs of our client’s, our therapists may recommend one or both service delivery models to increase therapeutic efficacy.

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Conditions We Treat

Genetic Conditions

Neurological Disorders

CVA/Stroke & Traumatic Brain Injury

ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease)

Autistic Spectrum Disorders/PDD

Developmental Delays

Parkinson’s Disease

CNS Infections

(e.g. Meningitis)

Alzheimer’s Disease

Brain Atrophy/Dementia